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antenna on roof
La Cañada Wireless really got rolling this year, ending with over 30 members.
Great sunsets are a benefit of living in Northern New Mexico.
NC and friends
Natalie and friends are off to the Valentines Day Dance at SF Prep.

John has another birthday and manages to NOT set off the fire alarms another year -- whew!

JC birthday
In March we break ground on our first major improvement project. After over 10 years in the house we decide to buy a hot tub. A hot tub, of course, requires a deck -- not just any deck, but a "McDermon" deck!
construction site
Before the "Big Project"
First weekend involves learning how to drive a skid-steer bobcat, layout and drilling 23 post holes
cosntruction first weekend
Did I mention that this project was a LOT bigger than we anticipated -- 2003 will forever be know as the
"year of the deck."
More pictures and a blow-by-blow commentary
Denver skyline
John attends the Federal Planning Division Workshop and the American Planning Association National Conference in Denver.
For our military friends, John was notified in January that the "Special Selection Board" results from 2002 were finally signed by the President awarding him the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, effective 13 Sep 2001. That's right, over a year after-the-fact. April was his first tour on Reserve duty with his long-awaited new rank.
The "Big Project:" month 1.
construction month 1
construction month 2
The "Big Project:" month 2.
Lt Col McDermon on the job at the Annual Air Force GeoBase Compass Conference in Keystone CO, attended by over 600 people.
Compass Conference
A beautiful drive home from Keystone on a beautiful day.
Natalie and friends ready for the Spring Dance at
SF Prep.
NC and friends
construction month 3
The "Big Project:" month 3.
Natalie and the McDermon Grandparents in CA
McDermon grandparents
big ben
With the deck, not yet complete, we travel to London for a week-off.
Months of work on the deck didn't prepare Regina for a hard week of sightseeing. Natalie, just kept reading...
Regine tired
NC Lion King
... except for the night we went to "The Lion King." What a show!
After a full week, us Yanks still don't quite get the hang of things in Great Britain. Fortunately the Brits are thoughtful enough to lend us a hand.
construction month 4
The "Big Project:" month 4. Coming back from London we were disappointed that the "While You Were Out" crew didn't finish the deck.
pumpkin the curious
Pumpkin is more curious than ever -- developing a bad habit of dashing outside at every opportunity. Here she's caught in the act.
Rosa -the-Large is now
rosa the not-so-large
One evening we got a real demonstration about why it's not safe for indoor cats to go outside. This tree is on our lot, less than 20 yards from our back door and that's a Great Horned Owl waiting for dark...
construction month 5
The "Big Project:" month 5.
The "Big Project:" month 6.
construction month 6
construction month 7
The "Big Project:" month 7.
Natalie and her friend Leland at her 14th birthday party.
NC birthday
NC birthday hot tub
Eight teenagers in a hot tub built for 5 -- what were we thinking?
After a year of reading Ann Rice novels, the Bride of Dracula is ready for a Halloween night on the town.
NC Halloween

Time and Denice (old photo)
[archive photo]

We neglected to get the camera out for Tim and Denice's Thanksgiving visit. Trust us, good food and good times were had by all.
story illustration
BIG EVENT: Natalie won $100 placing first in the teenage catagory of the local newspaper's holiday writing contest. Her story was published and even had a custom illustration by a staff artist.
A family soak in the snow, now that's living!
Family in hot tub
tree on car
Another successful tree hunt -- our first without Natalie. As a busy teenager, she didn't go with us this year.
The tree's up and decorated. Natalie has assumed her normal position.
Great ergonomics, huh?
NC on couch
What a difference another year makes:
height 2002Dec 2002
height 2003 Dec 2003

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